Tracy Falbe – Feel Real Fantasy Blog Tour – Meet Amar

Fantasy author Tracy Falbe decided to go out on another blog tour and she happens to be starting it off here at Tracy has been a great supporter of my space adventure series, Jak Phoenix, and I just love getting a chance to share information about her writing. It seems to me that she pours her heart and soul into her stories, so check out her guest post below…

Today’s stop on the Feel Real Fantasy blog tour celebrating the completion of the Rys Rising series by Tracy Falbe introduces readers to Amar, an outlaw, a warlord, a lover, a friend, and the nightmare of his enemies.

Tracy Falbe fantasyMeet Amar. He’s neither hero nor villain but certainly bad ass.

Age: early 20s
Physical appearance: dark skin, black hair, brown hair, average height.
Special skills: Endurance running, sneaking into buildings, weapons training, dueling, leadership, unconventional strategies
Magical items: Enchanted sword, enchanted armor, enchanted crystal orb that connects him to Onja

Amar is a man of extremes. He attains prestige and authority at a young age. His anger is to be avoided, but he is not without humor and kindness. No woman who loves him ever thinks she can change him. Those loyal to him love him for his generosity. And his enemies will never find him stingy with his vengeance.

More than simple ambition drives him. He was redeemed from a bitter death by the unexpected intervention of Onja. She is a young and powerful rys, a deviant among her kind, but she recognizes that her magic can gain her great influence among the human tribes. Amar becomes her devoted servant and will dare any deed to maintain her favor and support her cause. After surviving a grueling initiation, he rises quickly among a notorious outlaw brotherhood. His brutality and cunning earn him respect. And magical assistance from Onja enhances his mystique until he gains the title dro-shalum which means “curse demon” among the Sabar’Uto Tribe.

Guided by his magical rys benefactress, he becomes a great warlord as the epic unfolds and battles the magical enemies of Onja in distant lands. Victory and glory are the same as his own flesh and blood, and whole kingdoms learn to never defy him. He is not troubled by his bad deeds. He is the servant of greatness and knows that every day of his life is a privilege.

Author’s insights about Amar

Amar was tremendous fun to write. I wanted to create a man meant to be a legend in his own time. Hopefully readers will enjoy sharing Amar’s boots. He wins a lot. He gets to have two girlfriends and they’re OK with it. His trademark cockiness is a pleasure to experience. He’s not a man ruled by his feelings but he’s not above indulging them. He’s strong and smart. And most importantly he’s not a hero in the conventional sense. Amar is meant to make you want to follow him and not care if his cause is good or evil.

From Rys Rising: Book I

The Kez warriors stepped away. Urlen and Amar were left with their blocks at the water’s edge. Amar finally looked at Urlen.
“I’ll be waiting for you,” Amar said.
Then without any hesitation, he bent down and pushed his block with his bound hands. With a scrape and a splash, it yanked Amar into the water. It would not be said that Amar had hesitated at the test of the waters.
A great shout went up from the crowd. Urlen cowered beneath the noise and stared in horror at the radiating circles on the water. Amar was gone.

From Savage Storm

Amar listened carefully to the translation, and his eyes lit up. This was progress.
“Will you face my test?” Moto goaded.
Amar naturally wanted to ask what the test was, but such quibbling hesitation would show weakness.
“Of course,” he answered.
Moto looked over his shoulder at the hunters seated behind him. A tall man rose like a bear out of a berry patch. The thick muscles upon his long frame looked as hard and smooth as the granite upon which he stood.
“Only the spirits can help you against Bifolomo,” Moto said gleefully as his magnificent hunter moved forward. He looked like he could wrestle an elk to the ground. His eyes sparkled with wolfish intensity as he eyed the outlaw born under a roof.
The onset of danger thrilled along Amar’s nerves. He should have expected trial by combat from these primitive people and he embraced the mad freedom of the struggle. The life and death contest made everything simple and he deemed Moto a wise Elder indeed. Amar nodded respectfully to the bent Elder whose solution saved many arguments and much time. Amar would either live and gain glory, or an overdue fate would claim him and he would die.

Tracy Falbe invites you to give her characters a chance to feel real to you. The Rys Rising fantasy series is driven by magic, passion, bravery, ambition, conquest, and defeat. Rys Rising: Book I is a free ebook and hopefully your gateway to an epic reading experience.

Start reading Rys Rising for free and enter the prize drawing.

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