Finish Your Summer with a Great Deal on a Fantasy Series‏ from Tracy Falbe

ImageProxyTracy Falbe has been a strong supporter of my written works so I never hesitate to tell everyone when she has something going on. Right now you can get every ebook from her Rys Rising fantasy series for only 99 cents each! Read below for some details…


Finish Your Summer with a Fantasy Series!

Every title of the 4-part Rys Rising fantasy series is on sale for 99-cents each at all major ebook retailers.

You can get the whole series at your favorite retailer for $3.96!

Special note: Anyone worldwide can get the super bargain bundle for only $2.97 at my website…

Rys Rising: Book I

“Would you start a war?!” the Grand Lumin thundered. “Would you cast away two thousand years of peace and progress because I denied you one request? Are you going to be the one to do it?” ~ from Rys Rising: Book I

Savage Storm

Danger did not matter and escape could wait. The savages would fear Cruce Chenomet of Nufal.

New Religion

Cruce accepted that faith was always a leaky boat launched on troubled waters, and he had already cast off from the dock.

Love Lost

Amar drew his sword and pointed it at the Nufalese who had thrown the spear. “You know what you want to do,” he said, encouragingly.

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Jak Phoenix Update

Jak Phoenix Paperback and Ebook Cover Art

So it has been quite a while since I touched base with the kind souls who might be paying attention to Jak Phoenix-related info. It has been an extremely busy year for me with major changes and a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, the writing of the next Jak Phoenix novel was something that had be slid (temporarily) onto the back-burner.

I was heavily into the writing of Jak Phoenix 3 when some pretty big changes in the way I make a living took place. I left my job of 14 years to work full time on my business. It has consumed every waking moment of my life (in a good way) and so JP3 just had to wait.

The crappy thing was that I was totally consumed with writing this book. I know every author says their latest installment ‘will be my best work’ but I really do feel like this will be the strongest, funniest, most dramatic, and longest Jak Phoenix novel yet.

So I wanted to touch base to make sure anyone who checks knows it isn’t dead in the water. As I gain back a few minutes per day I will be picking right back up where I left off with JP3’s creation.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this book series. Have a great 2014!

Matt D. Williams

Author of the Jak Phoenix Space Adventure Series

I’m on Pinterest!

I decided to open up a Pinterest account to post about my Jak Phoenix novels and about all the stuff I’m into. Look for future postings where I’ll showcase some of my favorite indie authors, among other things.

You’ll find my boards at

Come and follow me. I hope to see you there!

Matt D. Williams
Author of the Jak Phoenix space adventure novels.

My book is out!

The Jak Phoenix Universe

Initiate space shenanigans!

Jak Phoenix 2: The Markazian Deception is now available!

jak phoenix 2: the markazian deception space adventure ebookThe space adventure sequel is now available on and at for the Kindle, priced at only $2.99 for the ebook version. If you prefer a different format or retailer, hold tight. It will be available shortly at other retailers like iTunes, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble and in print on soon enough. Info will be relayed as soon as JP2 shows up there!

I sincerely hope you enjoy the book!

Thank you again,

Matt D. Williams

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The Jak Phoenix Universe

Here we go! It’s the front cover of the new novel, Jak Phoenix 2: The Markazian Deception! Hope you like it. The book will be available very soon. In the meantime, let the great cover artist Jeff Thomason or author Matt D. Williams know what you think of it either in the comment section below or on:



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Thanks to Jeff Thomason for the art!

The Jak Phoenix Universe

Hot off the virtual press, here is the back cover of the upcoming space adventure novel, Jak Phoenix 2: The Markazian Deception. You’ll really only see this on the back of the print book, so now you won’t miss out on Jeff Thomason’s great artwork if you’re an eBook reader. Keep checking back for more news. The big(ish) release is sooner than you think!

Jak Phoenix 2: The Markazian Deception Back Cover Art by Jeff Thomason

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